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Code of Conduct – Social Policy

Code of Conduct – Social Policy

Braun & Wettberg Feinbürstenmanufaktur GmbH are worldwide leading manufacturers of high quality fine brushes made of wood and plastic. In our guidelines we commit ourselves to acting responsible and lawfully towards our staff, business partners and the public.
The principles of action at hand together with the applicable law and internal agreements represent a world wide binding system of rules for sustainable and responsible action within the Company organisation.
At the same time Braun & Wettberg Feinbürstenmanufaktur GmbH demand of their suppliers the commitment to the principles and the applicable legal regulations that are fixed in this Code.

The guidelines at hand are binding for all members of staff of Braun & Wettberg Feinbürstenmanufaktur GmbH and can be understood as a consistent internal system of rules for the interaction between personnel and partners.

Law, Legislation and Regulations
Braun & Wettberg Feinbürstenmanufaktur GmbH comply with the applicable law and regulations of the countries where they are active and demand the same from their suppliers.

Corporate Citizenship
The Company proves its civic commitment by getting involved in the community with positive contributions.

Transparency and Dialogue with the Consumer
The Company acknowledges the right of the consumer to receiving important information regarding the products and processes that is needed for a qualified purchase decision.

Corruption and Bribery
Free competition is one of the main pillars of our liberal basic order and free market economy, which must be preserved and protected in our entrepreneurial action at all times. Any interference in the competition in the form of corruption or bribery must always be rejected and refrained from.
Braun & Wettberg Feinbürstenmanufaktur GmbH decline corruption and bribery in the sense of the relevant UN-Convention (dated in the year 2005). They promote transparency, upright action and responsible management and control in the company.
The selection of our suppliers is based exclusively on the components quality, delivery reliability, price and high compentence in the solving of problems. At the same time we gain our orders by offering good quality, cost consciousness and innovation. Nobody of our staff may grant or accept wrongful advantages (active or passive corruption). This implies for example the payment of money or any other benefits which influence the free decision making, to gain own or foreign advantages.
Action that influences the free competition constitutes a violation against our guidelines and is sanctioned.

Forced Labour
Forced labour constitutes the harshest from of working duty and contradicts our liberal thinking, according to which staff may decide independently and without force whether they want to pursue a working relationship based on the contractually regulated working duties. We decline any form of forced labour and assure our staff fair working conditions which correspond with the national standards, in order to create ideal preconditions for a motivated and powerful staff for the realisation of our company objectives.

Child Labour
In order to live up to our social responsibility we consider it our duty to protect children notably from excessive demands and dangers in an employment relationship.   
We therefore decline the employment of children in any form, when they are of compulsory school age or younger than 15 years. In addition, members of staff who are younger than 18 years of age must be protected from dangerous work and they may only be employed at night in a limited manner if this is necessary for their training. This arrangement applies only if the national legislation does not define higher age limits.

Working hours
The working hours and rest times comply with the labour legislation and labour contractual regulations. The upper limits therein are compulsory.

Job security and fair payment of our staff have high prioritiy in our company. The salaries (wages, overtime premiums and fringe benefits) that we pay for hours worked, correspond at least to the national legislative norms and regulations and the negotiated terms. The payment granted for a full time employment must be sufficient to cover the basic needs of the emloyee.

Freedom of Assembly
We acknowledge our staff’s right for freedom of assembly and we respect this in the sense of our liberal basic order, which we feel deeply committed to.

The liberal fundamental rights of every person have high priority and must be closely observed at any time. In this context the personal dignity and privacy as well as the personal rights of each individual have to be especially preserved and respected. We therefore abdicate any kind of harrasment, neither in physical, sexual or mental form nor verbally. We advocate a respectful co-operation based on partnership.

Non-discrimination Rule
Our international activities lead to a special social and cultural responsibility, because we interact with employees and business partners from different origin, religion, colour of skin and denomination. We therefore treat foreign cultures with respect and dignity and refrain from discrimination of any kind.

Furthermore we guarantee equal opportunities and equal treatment of all members of staff, disregarding their sex, age, sexual orientation or handicaps. Employment, further development and payment are based exclusively on their skills and qualifications.

Braun & Wettberg Feinbürstenmanufaktur GmbH act according to universally valid ethical values and priciples, especially with regard to integrity, rightousness and respect for human dignity, openmindedness and non-discrimination of religion, denomination, sex, and ethics.

Any employment decisions, including – but not limited to – hiring and promotion, salaries, ancillary pay, education, and dismissals are taken exclusively on the basis of the skills and qualifications of the staff concerned.

Each member of our staff is obligated to refrain from any kind of discrimination, so that a collaboration based on mutual respect and partnership both within the organisation and in co-operation with business partners is possible.
Health and Safety
The protection against dangers on the job as well as the promotion of the health of our staff are basic aspects of our work protection and health policy, for which we feel especially responsible.
Within the scope of our fiduciary duty we ensure that according to the nationally applicable legal regulations all necessary measures for the work protection and health of our staff are taken, so that a constitutional work environment is provided for and the satisfaction and efficiency on the job is ensured.
In addition, each member of our staff is obligated to contribute to the employment and health protection. This implies especially the relevant regulations regarding the conduct at the workplace in order to avoid accidents and health risks.

Protection of the Environment
The location of our Company in an ecologically valuable region makes the protection of the environment and nature a special responsibility for us. We therefore commit ourselves to observing the national regulations and the agreed standards regarding the protection of the environment. Within the scope of our production procedures we strive for manufacturing our products in a way that helps preserve our ressources by using environmetally efficient technologies. We incorporate all aspects that are relevant for the environment already in the development process, in order to minimize the strain on the natural ressources and the environment. It is important for us to minimize waste, and where this is not possible we dispose of our waste environmentally compatible.
Each member of our staff is required to participate in our efforts regarding the protection of the environment within the scope of his/her abilities, in order to constantly improve our procedures and use the natural ressources in a responsible way.

Chain of Supply
Our suppliers and business partners are required to observe this Code of Conduct of Braun & Wettberg Feinbürstenmanufaktur GmbH and to act accordingly.

Responsibility and Implementation
It is the responsibility of the Management of Braun & Wettberg Feinbürstenmanufaktur GmbH to publish and implement this current Code of Conduct. Each executive has to make sure that the principles of action defined in these guidelines are observed and actively supported by all of the staff. Each member of the staff is required to keep both the relevant legal regulations as well as the principles of action defined in this Code of Conduct and to act accordingly.
Violations against these guidelines can be brought to the attention of the superiors, the employee representation or the Management and can be punished by appropriate measures within the scope of the internal or legal regulations. Staff who report such violations will not have any disadvantages.

Beerfelden,  January 2017