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Company Policy
Company Policy

1 Objective and Purpose

These working instructions state objectives, principles, and the philosophy of our Company.

2 Scope of Application

These working instructions apply to the entire Company and are binding for all our staff.

3 Procedures and Responsibilities

The wishes of our Customers are our first Priority.

Quality starts with the dialogue with the customers, by listening to their accomplishable wishes and expectations and striving to satisfy them.

The quality of our products and services has been the subject of both positive and negative comments of our customers for years. Therefore, these points are of crucial importance. It is the most important obective of each of us to offer our customers the reliable on-time compliance with their agreed requirements and to make sure that they are satisfied. We strive for constant improvement.

Quality of our Products and Services
We strive to constantly improve the quality of our products and services. The customer determines the standards of our quality. The customer’s opinion of our product is crucial to our success.

Quality consciousness is therefore the commitment of our Company and a constant task of our staff. It is the responsibility of the Company Management to act as an example. By keeping up the dialogue with their staff the Management convey to them the importance of their job and they help them imply the quality philosophy in their daily work.  Our staff are our most valuable capital.

Staff who are motivated and competent are the most important precondition for the success of our Company’s principals. By training and further education we make sure that the know-how of staff and thus our Company is always up-to-date.

Personnel Management
We practice a co-operative management style which is based on partnership, so that our staff are motivated and satisfied. We strive for a long seniority of our staff so that they generate premium quality.

With our conduct and our daily work we want to obtain and keep the trust, satisfaction and approval of all our business partners. We commit ourselves to keeping the valid legal and official regulations.

Ethics and integrity are essential parts of our corporate policy. For us it is a matter of course to comply with applicable law as well as any voluntary negotiated agreements and to actively consider ethihcal principles.This is an essential precondition for the induring success of the company and for trust.

A Code of Conduct, which is mandatory for all our staff, documents the values, principles and standards of conduct of Braun & Wettberg Feinbürstenmanufaktur GmbH as a basis for fair competition.

Protection of the Environment
As a matter of course we keep the legal as well as any agreed environmental standards.
We are committed to using any ressources and energies economically.

Treatment of Quality Requirements and Customer Satisfaction
The determination of quality requirements is of special importance, as these are often manifold and fulfilling them is usually directly linked with customer satisfaction. The diversity of quality requirements can result of customer specifications, functionality, regulations, norms, company safety, operational safety, environmental safety and economic feasibility.

The quality requirements result mainly from the specifications of our customers. Therefore they are checked carefully with regard to completeness, aspiration level and feasibility. Accepted requirements will be realised forcefully. Change requests are treated with flexibility.

Defects Prevention
We act according to the principle:

"Defects Prevention instead of Correction of Defects".

The Management is responsible for the objectives and contents of the quality policy and for enforcing them. The relevant departments or members of staff are responsible for the quality of the products.

Our personnel is obligated to inform their superiors of any defects or shortcomings that they cannot correct themselves. We strive to reach a constant optimisation and improvement by implementing the appropriate measures.

Quality Management System
The QM Manual according to DIN EN ISO 9001, edition of November 2015, and the applicable procedure instructions document our Quality Management System. The procedures and measures stated therein serve to implement our quality policy.

Regular internal audits ensure the verification of the effectiveness of the management system.

Summary of the Quality Policy
The precice objectives and contents of our Quality Policy are as follows:

  • Satisfied customers because of timely services that are according to the agreements at reasonable prices
  • Economic Efficiency
  • Securing the future of the Company and thus the site in Beerfelden
  • Demand oriented staff who are educated and further eductated, quality conscious and motivated
  • Teamwork and good communicative conduct of our staff
  • Prevention of defects, realisation of improvements, keeping of work safety regulations.
  • Risk minimisation
  • Trust in ourselves and in our business partners based on our Code of Conduct.
  • Acting environmentally conscious and energy-minded
  • A positive image and thus a high level of sympathy of our Company with the customers.

In our opinien this quality policy serves significantly for a future-proof perspective of our Company. The individual objectives have been determined.

Our quality policy, the quality targets as well as results and incidents of quality relevant importance are published in employee meetings and by bulletins on the notice-board.

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AA-5.1.2-000100 Customer Orientation
FB-5.2-000101 Company Policy